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Earshot Creative Review, May 2012

This Month, we’re recorded live (you know what we mean) at the Creative Loop student media festival in Glasgow.

On the panel are Paul Tyler from commercial production at Radio Clyde, Gavin Pearson, head of creative for all of Bauer Scotland and Steve Martin, the regular host of the Earshot Creative Review.

The podcast is hosted by Colin Kelly and produced and engineered by John Collins.

Play here

[audio:|titles=”Earshot Creative Review for May 2012″]

Download the mp3 (39’50”, 160kb/s stereo mp3, 47.1MB)

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Photographs by Creative Loop (yep, that’s Jim Gellatly up there, and John Collins on the faders). Earshot Creative Review imaging by Chris Nichol at Wizz FX, music bed by Radiobeds with custom vocals by Session Singer Online. Thanks to Hobsons for their ongoing sponsorship.

Next month

Absolute Radio’s Brian Murphy celebrate’s his Sony Radio Academy Award for best single promotion and BBC Radio 1’s Dan Mumford discusses his new imaging package from Pure Jingles and 1Xtra’s big imaging win at the Sonys. Plus, your last chance to enter the Hobsons Voicesearch 2012 competition.