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Not what your ears were expecting

It’s 2 Day again.

Next week, BBC Radio 2’s scheduling shake-up returns for a second year.

The initiative is designed to introduce existing listeners to bits of the radio station they don’t normally hear while attracting new listeners who might reappraise the station having seen it in a new light.

Yes, it builds reach and hours. In fact, it’s a rather¬†brilliant promotion for lots of reasons: six of ¬†my other favourites are that:

  1. it draws entirely on Radio 2’s existing qualities – not reliant upon another personality or property.
  2. it further highlights substantial differences in content between the BBC and commercial output.
  3. it’s scheduled for an otherwise humdrum Thursday in May, emphasising the break from normality.
  4. the station is bigger than any of its stars – 2 Day reminds us (and them) of that.
  5. it promises some moments of truly great radio – the content is what matters most.
  6. Terry Wogan still gets great a billing and much love from his colleagues. Former breakfast hosts don’t have to be dumped¬†unceremoniously.

Full details here and, with that clever Brett Spencer now masterminding the multiplatform direction of Radio 2, I’m expecting some interesting extensions from 2 Day online, on social media and on digital television.