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Wimbledon, as heard around the world

Galaxy Sports

Here – enjoy a short piece of audio from Earshot Creative favourite Ben Motley at the BBC.

Ben’s promo promotes the BBC’s Wimbledon reports to a global audience who will receive them via the BBC World Service.

He calls it “a load of balls” but that is to deny its elegance and gentility which, you might agree, is reflective of Wimbledon itself.

One other challenge: make it fit the BBC’s wider “London Calling” season which cleverly ties a range of content to “the city of 2012, brought to life by the BBC” without, for rights reasons, ever mentioning the the Olympics.

Ben dealt with all that in the tail copy, leaving plenty of space at the front of the promo for the fun bit.┬áNow you know why he’s one of our favourite producers.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the BBC’s London Calling video, as seen around the world by an audience of tens of millions:

Top photo: Galaxy Sports by Alosh Bennett on Flickr. Used under CC licence.