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Earshot Creative Review, July 2012

Chris Reay of BBC Radio 2Chris Reay of BBC Radio 2.

Today BBC Radio 2 airs its new jingle package. It’s the first time in fifteen years that Britain’s most popular radio station has commissioned a completely new package.

The new work comes from London-based production house Wise Buddah who produced the jingles using the heritage logo from Grooveworx after a long commissioning process.

It is the result of considerable collaboration. The package includes performances from some of the BBC Radio 2 presenters including Clare Teal, Beverley Knight and Paul Jones. It also features the BBC Concert Orchestra and the London Community Gospel Choir.

A few days ago, locked behind two levels of BBC security and sworn to total secrecy, Chris and I opened some drinks, discussed the package then played all the cuts back-to-back. Perfectly normal behaviour for a beer & jingles lock-in, as you’ll hear in this month’s podcast.

Play here

[audio:|titles=”Earshot Creative Review for July 2012″] Download the mp3 (28’13”, 160kb/s stereo mp3, 32.5MB) Subscribe to the Earshot Creative Review via iTunes.


Earshot Creative Review imaging by Chris Nichol at Wizz FX. The podcast is sponsored by Hobsons. Chris Reay’s anorak by Millets.

Views expressed are personal and not those of the BBC or Wise Buddah.  The contributors acknowledge all rights held by the owners, creators and performers of the recorded works which are included solely for the purposes of education and review.

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