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Boris Johnson gets stuck on the Kiss Zip Line

Sometimes you just can’t plan the PR you will get .. especially when the Mayor of London gets stuck on a 1000ft zip wire that you’ve sponsored in the middle of Victoria Park.

Kiss (and their Magic stablemates) have been the official London Media Partner for the BT London Live Events at Hyde Park and Victoria Park this Olympics season. As part of the interactive elements of the event – Kiss have sponsored a fun Zip wire called the ‘Kiss Zip Line’ – today, Boris tried to give it ago -however, it all went a bit pete tong when the wire got stuck leaving Boris to dangle in mid air and him calling for a rope to get  him down.

Mr Johnson was featuring as a “special guest” in Victoria Park, London, to ride the 1,050ft (320m) Kiss zip line, donning a hard hat and two Union flags as he attempted to sail down. Instead, he ground steadily to a halt on the wire about 65ft (20m) from the end as the wire sagged, and was left dangling inelegantly in front of a watching crowd for around five mintues!

As you can imagine – this was picked up by all the visual press – TV, internet .etc as a top story with plenty of branding opportunities for Kiss. Coverage spread as far as America, Canada and beyond.

In the tounge in cheek style of Kiss – the guys have come up with a viral video as well that brings in the station sound to amplify the mayor’s mishap.

Priceless PR!  Especially as all the amplification was done by ITV leaving you to bask in the glory. Well done Kiss!