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Eastenders’ consistent messaging across radio and TV

Here’s two variants of the same creative promoting the much anticipated return of Sharon back to Eastenders on Radio and TV.

The TV Trail

The Radio Trail

There’s some interesting points to note between the two mediums. Firstly – the TV creative has been designed to feel a lot more like a cinematic experience, dramatic camera shots, storm effects, swooping angles and lots of longing stares. While the radio counterpart delivers an experience designed to help the audience create their own images in their minds using nostalgic clips with a much more lighter effect. The use of the calm, eerie and relaxed music to deliver the “storm” in the radio creative (Richard Hawley’s – There’s a Storm Coming) juxtaposes the use of a heavier guitar led track in the TV ad.

Incidentally – the radio trails uses the infamous ‘duff duffs’ while there not used at all in the TV creative making it a more stand out and bespoke piece of television.

When it comes to creating emotional connections with listeners – radio and TV speak a very different language.┬áTV is all about glamour and a direct “speak to” approach while radio is perceived as personal, friendly and trusted.┬áThese differing communication effects engage viewers/listeners on different levels to the return of Sharon – a storm is coming!

The radio trail was produced by Dan Snaith for BBC Creative Marketing (who appeared on the Earshot Creative Review in January 2010).