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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Absolute launches Breakfast Show marketing campaign

There’s nothing like getting your listeners to champion your show and station.

Here’s the latest example from Absolute Radio that’s helping to get Christian O’Connell to the top of the Breakfast charts.

Absolute Radio has launched a new crowd-sourced national marketing campaign developed entirely by listeners to the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show.

As Chris Moyles moves out, breakfast shows around the country are taking advantage. The Absolute campaign is all about listeners finding a new ‘home’ for Breakfast and becoming part of the “Homeguard”. The campaign gives listeners the chance to turn from Private to General if they, in turn, promote the show.

Listeners are encouraged to use a variety of ways to promote the show from notice boards and shop windows to social and media and email signatures.

However listeners have come-up with new and unusual ways too. These include using an in-flight announcement by an airline pilot, a sandwich board advertisement appearing in the background of a live interview on Sky News and a car valet retuning 300 radios to Absolute Radio at Heathrow airport.

The results will be broadcast on-air and supported by a cross-brand social media campaign driving audience engagement online.

To support the campaign the show will be creating more content with co-presenter Richie Firth going on a tour of the UK from in his branded van. He’ll ask listeners “What is The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show better than?” and using the hashtag #betterthan. (Image above)


Breakfast Show host Christian O’Connell said

“Our listeners are a brilliantly loyal bunch – they always go the extra mile and I can’t think of anyone better to spread the word about our show.”


The campaign runs across September and October. Sometimes just a simple idea and a little additional creativity can create a great campaign. You don’t always need major above-the-line marketing spend and sometimes the listeners come up with the best ideas.