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Have a listen to KMFM Kent’s new on air sound

In the past few months KMFM has merged its seven local stations in Kent into a county-wide service and have adapted their music policy to a more contemporary music service.

A new set of imaging has been created using the Audio Sweets utilises package from S2 Blue.

The station’s fresh new look and sound will also see the Kent Messenger group, who own a variety of paid/free papers and websites in the area, embarking on a major marketing campaign in the coming weeks. More details soon.


Have a listen to some of the on air cuts here:


[audio:|titles=”KMFM TOH 116bpm”] [audio:|titles=”KMFM TOH 129bpm”] [audio:|titles=”KMFM Cut 1 short”] [audio:|titles=”KMFM Cut 3 short”] [audio:|titles=”KMFM Cut 4 long”] [audio:|titles=”KMFM Cut 6 medium”]