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talkSPORT’s Goodfellas parody trails

There’s nothing better than a strong appointment to listen, driven by effective station trails to help boost listening hours. ¬†The¬†writers at talkSPORT have come up with some standout creative work using themes from the 90s film Goodfellas.

The three executions, starting with the famous “as far back as I can remember….” line promote the flagship Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast Show as well as Keys and Gray and the afternoon Hawksbee and Jacobs show.

Great creative writing, clever one-liners and topical humour all help to resonate with talkSPORT’s predominantly male audience.talkSPORT logo

Take a listen

[audio:|titles=”Hawksbee and Jacobs”] [audio:|titles=”Keys and Gray”] [audio:|titles=”Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast”]