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Voice talent competition update

Clock at Waterloo station

It’s an early start (well, early for production folk) in London today as our search for new, unsigned radio production voice talent moves up a gear.

The four finalists have been decided from the hundreds of entries submitted to us before the Summer.

If you entered the competition and haven’t received the call from the judges it means, sadly, that you have not been shortlisted. Sorry, but you can stop staring at the telephone now.

We’ll be announcing the names of the finalists at the end of the month but today they are attending studios across London as we test their abilities in a number of real-life production situations.

We’ve assembled a great team to help us and would like to thank them all:

James Stodd from the BBC, Jo McCrostie and Dan Akers at Global Radio, Anthony Gay, Andy Jackson and Faye Marlborough at Reelworld, Clare Bowen at the RAB, our own Jonathan Jacob and Kate Cocker, and the brilliant people at Hobsons who will reward the winning candidate with a year’s professional artist representation: Donna Lampton, Jonathan Cook and Ann Dawson.

I’m really looking forward to hearing how the candidates get on today. You’ll be able to hear them for yourself in the next edition of the Earshot Creative Review podcast, out at the end of the month.