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How Heart and Capital TV learned from radio

Capital tv and Heart tv went live today.

On one level they’re just what you’d expect: they play songs.

However, Earshot Creative readers more than most will appreciate the extra layers of production finesse that make them stand apart in a crowded market.

Turn away from the screen and the audio presentation is as slick and continuous as a well-programmed radio station. Try doing that with other automated music channels.

Here are six reasons why Ashley Tabor is right when he calls them “the next generation of music tv channels”:

1. Most music channels play one thing after another. Heart and Capital tv run proper music segues.

2. Heart and Capital TV run imaging sweepers over the top of the songs, not between them.

3. The “now and next” lower-third straps are calculated to build hours by teasing ahead.

4. Fewer, longer ad breaks than on some other music channels.

5. Radio-style audio processing to keep the sound tonally consistent and punchy.

6. They stream live with a pop-up online player like radio.

Only people who understand radio programming could make tv channels like this.