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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Let’s hear it for creativity, says Radio Airtime Media

This is a guest post from Radio Airtime Media.

It is important to create clutter breaking radio advertising to stand out against your competitors, but while standing out your advert must be easy on the ear and relevant to your product or service.

There are many reasons why creativity is important in advertising, good sound effects and voice overs will attract your audience’s attention and create interest by establishing feelings of desire to bring about an action to purchase or enquire about a service.

Impact is a crucial factor in advertising. After all, if a an advert is aimed to influence listeners in a certain way, it should at first be noticed by them, stand out amongst others. If not, listeners ‘zone out’.

Radio adverts which are executed well achieve bottom line objectives of marketing campaigns and deliver the most ROI.

What to consider with your radio advertising:

• Is it a stopper?
• Could I hear what was said or sung?
• Did you hear great music?
• Is it simple, to the point and easy to grasp?
• Did you create a favourable image?
• Did you give the key information?

Please listen to an example of a radio advert idea by our client for Get Safe Online Week:

Click here to listen to the original idea by our client.

And listen to the finished product made by our production team:

Re-worked advert by our production team.

The new ad provides all details of the service, relatable instances of where the audience would need to consider the service, what the campaign is about and where they need to go to get more information. The new ad is clear, concise and simple.