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Xfm’s Round Our Way

Round Our Way map

Round Our Way map by Xfm Manchester

When it comes to mapping sounds I have previous so this project from Manchester’s Xfm was immediately appealing.

Xfm is creating an original song for every district in Manchester, then mapping them as clickable sound files.

The timestamp on their post is May 2012 but we’ve only just noticed it. Has this been building all summer?

It’s a splendid way to signal the station’s knowledge of its TSA and its commitment to new music. Totally on-brand and (for any brand-deniers reading this) here’s the proof that national brands can do local content perfectly well.

It’s also good content and nicely shareable. Indeed, the station has hosted the tracks on Soundcloud, a popular place for musicians and DJs to share their work, so new listeners can discover Xfm through a channel that’s synonymous with musical creativity.

If you know Manchester you’ll probably spot more humour in the tracks than I did but “Guitarthur – Oldham Style” is a clear and universal delight and clearly a recent addition.