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Commercial radio drama highlights drink dangers

The team at 96.3 Radio Aire have created a stand out radio drama series to highlight the dangers of drinking for local NHS service, alongside a fully interactive microsite and prize giveaway.

The drama series, which is broadcasted on the station during commercial minutage as part of National Alcohol awareness weeks covers alcohol-related issues that could affect anyone at any time. The drama is centred on a fictitious local family called the Corkers. Over the week listeners will hear how one member of the Corker family is affected by alcohol; ranging from issues in the workplace, relationship and family problems and weight gain before a dramatic finale. Radio Aire listeners will then be given a chance to decide on how the drama ends for the Corker family at Christmas in a special spin-off episode.

The mini episodes are punchy but informative and follow a simple structure designed to maintain interest with the audience. Its a simple radio drama series with  strong cool to action take out at the end of each piece to ensure the commercial client (NHS Leeds) gets the data capture required through an interactive and engaging website (

Take a listen:

[audio:|titles=”Corkers Ep 1″]
[audio:|titles=”Corkers Ep 2″]
[audio:|titles=”Corkers Ep 3″]
[audio:|titles=”Corkers Ep 4″]

Too often – commercial radio keeps to the same formulas for radio promos but this has a different approach and works perfectly for the stations’ target 25-45 Leeds audience. The Corkers family campaign creates engaging audio drama for the audience, delivers strong but relavent content and drives it through all touchpoints to create a clear and consistent take out.