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Austria’s KRONEHIT imports jingles from the Netherlands

KRONEHIT is always expressed in capital letters. This is a station that understands consistent brand management.

So it’s no surprise that they’re Austria’s number one commercial station or that their new jingle package has all the proven characteristics of a great Hot AC package:

1. A short, distinctive logo melody.

2. Crisp, layered vocals that cut through so you hear every word.

3. Sharp, logo-branded tops.

4. Clean tails that segue into songs without provoking a key-clash.

5. Perfect production to withstand repeated months of repeated play.

They sound great alongside Adele, Kelly Rowland and the inevitable Carly Rae Jepsen.

[audio:|titles=”Pure jingles on Austria’s KRONEHIT”]

KRONEHIT had to go to The Netherlands to get them though. This new package is the work of Pure jingles.

Three cheers for the European Union!

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  1. Radio Kornehit ,Niederösterreich ,Wien, Arabella;