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Five reasons why Santa could work in radio

So our friends at The Drum have put their creative heads together and come up with a Santa assumption –  that when he’s not delivering presents to children around the world he’s more than likely stroking his beard and drinking coffee with those Shoreditch agency types.

Well, here at Earshot we think the big man is probably more into radio of course – and here’s why:

Reason 1. He starts early for Christmas.

As the decorations get put up in the North Pole earlier each year and Santa camps into shopping centres around the UK earlier and earlier it seems as though we’re hearing Cliff, Bublé and  The Pogues earlier than ever before across the airwaves.

Reason 2. He loves a sonic.

Radio loves a sonic brand trigger – a jingle, a phrase, a strap. Santa has his “ho ho ho”. My bet is that some clever radio copywriter created that!

Reason 3. He loves making lists (and checking them twice).

Each and every week radio counts down and lists the forty biggest tracks. At this time of year especially you can’t escape a countdown or two.

Reason 4. Known to many, delivers to one.

Santa makes a special delivery to each individual boy and girl across the world although he’s known to all. Radio’s success is based on its ability to deliver to the mass but create that personal connection with the individual listener.

Reason 5. It becomes silly season in December.

Santa is at his busiest at Christmas time, preparing all the toys before he jets off around the world on Christmas Eve. Him and his elves must draft-in guests to support, have a lot of fun and do things a little different each December – sounds a bit like radio to me!

Have a great Christmas and New Year – we look forward to seeing you in 2013 for more radio promotions, marketing and imaging news and review.

In the meantime, don’t forgot to check out the December 2013 Earshot Creative Review podcast and we’ll see you in the New Year.


Jonathan and Steve