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A new recipe at Capital FM

With a radio station, TV channel, online and social media platforms – what seems the next logical brand extension for Capital FM? A burger of course!

Capital Burger Logo

Gourmet Burger Kitchen has teamed up with Capital FM as part of a long standing relationship with the station’s charity (Help a Capital Child) to launch a Capital Burger in all its 65+ restaurants across the UK.

The deal sees Capital FM branding in the restaurant and online along with a 30p donation to the charity for each burger sold.

Listeners can also download a voucher via as well enter to win a competition to New York to celebrate the burger launch.

The Capital Street Stars will also be delivering burgers to workplaces across the UK as well as giving away meals via local Breakfast Show promotions.

Promotional trails and live presenter reads will run across the Capital Network too to promote the launch and marketing activity across January.

So why is this good for radio?

1. This is a great example of commercial radio departments working together – charities, programming, marketing and commercial (believe me, lots of people have been involved!) – everyone benefits, including the listener!

2. It gives the Capital FM brand a chance to develop communication within the listeners’ “relaxed” environment. Listeners are out having meals with friends and family but are still engaging with the Capital FM brand.

3. It creates talkability and interest in the Capital FM brand. Something new.

4. It’s fun, simple and provides many benefits for listeners – charity donation, chance to win, money off dining during January.

5. Chance to generate additional charitable giving as well as driving revenue for the station.

I think this is the future of commercial relationships with radio. More than just a ‘bunch of spots’, it’s about creating engaging communications with listeners using all touchpoints of the radio station and giving meaningful advertising propositions to the advertisers that generate brand exposure and earned respect from the consumer while also driving sales!

The guys at Bauer Media have delivered some pretty neat multi platform advertising campaigns recently for Xbox and Rihanna using their TV and radio stations.

While the Capital Burger isn’t an “official” brand extension like Capital TV, in the year that people say is  “all about radio brands” it does open up questions about what could be next for a radio brand.


PS – if you’re a burger fan and want to know the recipe its a 6oz beef burger smothered with American cheese, a secret sauce, piled with shredded lettuce, tomato and onion. (they won’t tell us what’s in the secret sauce!)