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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Apply the tripod test to your next promotion

Three three legged stools

Let’s examine your stools (fnarr).

If, like these, they have three legs then you are the proud owner of some of the most stable pieces of furniture on earth.

No matter how rocky and uneven that earth may be a three-legged structure will never wobble. Just ask Manfrotto.

The best radio promotions have three legs to stand on too.

They meet the client’s objectives, they do good for your station and they make great radio for your listeners. One. Two. Three.

Does your next promotion pass the tripod test?

I hope it does because, like the stool, if any one of its legs is missing the whole thing can fall over.

A whole world of stools

Of course, I’m not claiming for one moment that this is an original thought. A lot of things are like a three legged stool, as a quick search on Google images will show:

Retirement income

retirement income



The economy (with added plinth excitement)

most of society

American foreign policy (questionable leg certainty, it would seem)

american foreign policy

Home brewing


and the search for Dark Matter

the search for dark matter