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How talkSPORT brings seven big FA games to life


This weekend (if you include Monday) saw seven big FA Cup games played with all commentary coming from the big shots over at talkSPORT – so seven magnificent games is the perfect excuse to be a little bit creative with a promo trail, no?!

You’ve guessed it …

On the back of their Sony Bronze award last year – talkSPORT creative have brought to life the excitement of the seven big games this weekend in a fun, interesting and stand out way using the themes from 1960’s western film – The Magnificent Seven. Clever!

Take a listen:

[audio:|titles=”Magnificent 7 (with Games) Promo] [audio:|titles=”Magnificent 7 Promo]

So what do we learn?

1. Turn it on its head – yes, it’s about football, but a different spin in bringing it to life will bring more stand out against other trails on the station

2. Something different – the play with “seven” is usually left with the arena of Rugby making this work harder for a football based promo

3. The audience are well catered for – It’s funny, full of gaffes and relates well with talkSPORT’s male pub bantering audience

4. It does what it says on the can – tell us about the games, when they’re on and what matches we can expect