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One Direction recreated by Fun Kids

How about a radio station music video that isn’t the Harlem Shake? Good. You’ve come to the right place…

The presenters at UK children’s station Fun Kids (digital + profitable) love One Direction so much they all wanted to be like Harry Styles… and one of them is a girl.

As you’ll see the video by Josh, Sean, Bex and Jamie is a creditble tribute to the original, with the four Fun Kids presenters being silly in front of a green screen, just like their band heroes.

Five reasons why this works as content and promotion:

1. If you were eight you’d want to do this too. You’d probably have a go with a Harry Styles wig and that imagination you have. Your Fun Kids presenters are living your dream with you.

2 They went to the trouble of hiring a green screen studio, props and costumes. Hardly high-budget but because it’s not just prancing about in front of a webcam it is officially one step more showbiz.

3. The release of the video was preceded by daily teaser videos across the week, building excitement and awareness on a station that may not be a family’s primary listen, and giving the presenters reason to talk it up pre-launch.

4. The video has a good chance to introduce a new audience to Fun Kids because of the habit of sharing video. There’s a formal introduction to the station at the end and neat on-screen click-throughs to the Fun Kids site. Become a proper YouTube partner if you want this functionality on your uploads.

5. The website carries background, photos and the inevitable “making-of” section to reward the inquisitive. When you produce a video you get this stuff anyway so why not share it? The people who made the video* from Fun Kids and Create all get a credit too.

Executive Producer Matt Deegan writes about the objectives of the project and some of the practicalities of production on his blog.

*Nice to see our old friend Gregory Watson credited as a creative advisor on this project. Gregory is such a natural fashion leader he one persuaded this horse to adopt his hairstyle…

Gregory and a horse that shares his hairstyle