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The love of radio

love radio

A lovely moment today just took me back into how much people do love radio.

One of my daily client meetings today created a real stand out moment as to the power of radio and why people love it.

As part of my day job, I am very lucky that I get to sell the beautiful medium of radio as a perfect platform for promotions and branded content. While, some of the time, I do this with London media agency folk in their world of free lunches and takeaway coffee, I also am fortunate enough to manage S&P sales with London-based businesses and the direct client.

This gives me a chance to meet “real” people at the front line of their business and to have real, honest and frank conversations with people about business (as well as the life and universe in my case during the day!) rather than a twenty-something media darling at the agency.

Radiocity in Liverpool

St John Beacon in Liverpool, home of Radio City 96.7

In a meeting today with a director from a bar/venue in Shoreditch I met a new client.

As soon as we met I recognised her accent from the city of Liverpool, the city where I spent my great university years as well as the start of my radio career at the award winning Juice FM.

I mentioned my background at Juice and her eyes immediately lit up. She then started reeling back times and situations when she listened to the station and the memories it reminded her of.

She spoke with great ease and passion about the (then) station’s flagship DJ Anton Powers and how listening to him on a Friday and Saturday night brought back many memories of her growing up with friends, getting ready for a great night in the city and how much his insight to music helped her and her friends know which tunes were hot.

She then went on with excitement to remember a talk DJ called Pete Price on the rival radio station, Radio City, and gave her opinions on the show and how it came across on air. These personalities really enthuse people, get people excited and create long-lasting memories.

My job of ‘selling’ in radio was already done to this client but, more importantly, it made me realise how much people LOVE radio; how radio creates memories and how much radio has a special place in people’s hearts.

When was the last time that someone told you about their life five years ago after reading a magazine on the tube or seeing an outdoor poster on their way to work? It’s the mix of music, the story, personality and craft of radio broadcasting that creates long-lasting impressions and love for the medium… and long may it continue.