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How BBC Radio 1 thought different to create worldwide PR


When a celebrity is “doing the rounds” its very hard to get above the noise and get PR coverage for your interview – however, thinking things through a little differently and being honest and true can sometimes work  – as BBC Radio 1 saw today.

Mila Kunis was in BBC Radio 1 to promote her appearance in the new disney film – Oz. However, Chris Stark from the Scott Mills Show was chosen for the job and rather than keeping to script – he decided to speak with his heart and did what can be described as a  “lads talk” interview. Rambling about his mates, football, Nando’s and downing pints, it could have made for the interview from hell – except Mila LOVED IT and played along.

The story got picked up and went viral with over 700,000 views on YouTube, many more on the Radio 1 website and over 150+ news articles on Google News with worldwide media outlets.

Looks like a busy day in the BBC Radio 1 Press office!


So what can we learn from this?

Thinking differently can create real stand out. Ask yourself how do we stand out from the norm? What makes this interview/feature/promotion/competition/campaign different – how will engage audiences and then their networks.

I did a presentation today to a PR agency as part of my day job talking about how radio promotions can be used as part of a PR strategy when additional budgets exist – however, there was concern when I said how the PR (client) shouldn’t take over – leave the radio station to deliver message, do not try and take over the output. I can imagine it must of taken a brave PR or marketeer to let Radio 1 go ‘off brief’ with the interview – BUT look at the success –  by sticking to their gut resulted in the station (and the film which Mila is plugging) achieving ridiculous amounts of coverage, social media hype, YouTube views (700k in just one day!) and PR.

In a world of convergence and so many media outlets out there for audiences – it’s important to remember the power of radio and the power of the presenter. Radio is a trusted voice and this example goes to show how one presenter, one station can create so much noise through a radio interview.

Big ideas, bold ideas and ideas which are seen through to the end will always win. If you’re going to go for it- go for it. Go hard or go home!



Jonathan Jacob is a S&P Manager at Global Radio with varied experience across commercial radio S&P, events, marketing and PR. He was listed in the inaugural Radio Academy 30 under 30 and produces the annual Student Radio Awards. Views are personal.