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Real and Smooth launch advertiser-funded programming with Boots


Sunday nights across the UK are now home to the Boots Feel Good Forum – a weekly ad funded radio show hosted by Kate Thornton broadcast on the Real & Smooth Radio networks.

The show, which is funded by Boots UK broadcasts 7pm – 8pm on Real Radio and 8pm – 9pm each Sunday for the next 8 weeks. It’s produced by SomethinElse for Real and Smooth Limited Radio and is hosted by Kate Thornton. An association with Mumsnet will involve questions for the panel being hosted on the Mumsnet website – making this a truly multi-platform and cross brand experience for the listener.

Kate Thornton gets ready to feel good .. notice the mic swap? #AFPnetworking

Each week, Kate will be joined by an expert panel as they discuss topics ranging from family health, top to toe beauty, sleep, stress and energy and looking and feeling good at any age. She’ll be answering questions from users of the Boots Feel Good Forum hosted on Mumsnet and following each show, they’ll be able to discuss their own experiences via discussion threads and read supporting articles at In addition, users will be able to listen to bite-size chunks of audio from the show across Mumsnet, Smooth Radio and Real Radio.


The future of advertising on radio?

This is a great example of how the role of radio in a media mix is transforming – it is clear that Boots have used the scale  (5.5m combined weekly reach between both networks) and trust of radio to bring their brand messaging and values to life. Listeners naturally trust their radio station – making it perfectly placed to host a forum show where listeners can ask health questions. The messaging of “Feel good” also fits perfectly with Real and Smooth’s own brand values.

It seems that product placement in TV has been labelled as a “damp squib” if you read this fantastic article from Arif Durrani in Campaign/Media Week – so maybe creating more advertiser funded programming on multi platforms / media outlets could be the next bold move forward. The Notes from Hidden Britain with Greenflag on Classic FM and The Telegraph is another perfect example – as Nick Cohen, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising comments:

“This [type of] partnership is a great example of the way branded content projects are evolving. Combining an ad-funded radio programme with a wider integrated content campaign was really exciting for us – and we hope consumers will love the end result as much as we do.”

The Boots Feel Good Forum started on Real and Smooth on Sunday 10th March and runs for 8 weeks.

Jonathan Jacob is a S&P Manager at Global Radio with varied experience across commercial radio S&P, events, marketing and PR. He was listed in the inaugural Radio Academy 30 under 30 and produces the annual Student Radio Awards. Views are personal.