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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio gets a spring clean

LBC web top


The eagle eyed amongst you may have picked up on a spring clean over at bringing it inline with the rest of the clean style within Global Radio’s portfolio of key radio stations websites.


So what’s changed?

The big change is a brand new homepage which is much cleaner, dynamic and easier to navigate. For example – trending stories of the day will be featured at the top of the page and there will be a poll – today’s is ‘Should Prisoners be allowed to watch violent films….?. This links much closer with the editorial output of the station.

The key traffic and travel news now features on the homepage, while you can even tweet the studio your message straight from Photo galleries and ‘what you may have missed’ sections are also more clearly located on the homepage.

From a commercial point of view there are a few changes too. There is a new ‘Features and Competitions’ section and the Win tab features prominently in the Nav bar at the top of the page making it easier for advertisers to engage with the upmarket LBC audience. Additionally, we’re told that Homepage Takeovers can run to include dynamic ad formats including Double MPU and Billboards.

Have a look at the new website over at

New LBC Website