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Earshot podcast: VOX 2013

Vox 2013

Hello to a new series of the Earshot podcast

For the first show in the new run we’re at VOX, the annual conference for voiceovers, to explore the critical relationship between voice artist and radio producer.

Steve Martin asks voiceovers and producers about the changing nature of work in the radio production and advertising sector. You’ll also hear Sara Hashem on directing technique, John Myers on the Equity ratecard, Andrew Wright on production workflow, Steve Barreton on setting up microphones and a huge number of voice artists including Chas Rowe, Chris Stevens, Della Phillips, Oliver DukcevicEmma Hignett, Gayanne Potter, Louisa Gummer, Piers Gibbon, Hannah Patterson, Mike Cooper, Noni Lewis and Ian Brannan.

If you hear your voice on the podcast and we’ve missed you off the list please let us know and we’ll fix it.

Play here

[audio:|titles=”Earshot at VOX 2013″]

Download the mp3 (39’33”, 160kb/s stereo mp3, 46.6MB)

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The Earshout

The regular home of our radio production shout-outs is back with greetings and audio from across the radio production world. This month we also hear the production sound of QFM and Easy FM. Both stations are imaged by Davis Mwasaru in Nairobi, Kenya. If you’d like to share your work in this feature just email.


Steve interviews people

Ambassador of radio Steve Martin distracts interviewees with a hideous checked shirt. Gingham style.


Many thanks to the VOX organisers: Posy BrewerMark Manchester and Gina Mellotte.

Earshot Creative Review imaging by PURE Jingles. Beds by Voice is Sefa Nkyi.

The podcast is sponsored by Hobsons and produced by Steve Martin and Jonathan Jacob.

Views expressed are personal. The contributors acknowledge all rights held by the owners, creators and performers of the recorded works which are included solely for the purposes of education and review.