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Sony awards results in charts

Nobody wants the combined creative efforts of our most beloved industry reduced into a few graphics. For any creative it goes against the grain.

When I worked as a BBC producer and later an editor I was always quick to push-back against the time-and-motion-study approach to management or, at least, shield my teams from it. It’s far better in a creative team to have an idea, nurture it, gain support for it and then build it, pushing as hard and fast as it can go.

Then I remembered what the clever and wealthy people at McKinsey always say: if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.

So here are the stats from last night’s Sony Radio Academy Awards in barcharts and pies. It’s an interesting study but is no replacement for listening to the great creative work and talking about the ideas behind it. We’ll aim to do that in the coming weeks when our podcast returns.

For now, enjoy the pretty charts:

Gold awards

Golds by broadcaster

share of golds by outlet

Golds by producer

share of golds by producer

All awards

All awards by broadcaster

Share of all awards by broadcaster

All commercial radio awards by group

share of all awards among commercial groups

All BBC awards by service

share of all awards among bbc services

Awards stacked by commercial group and BBC service

Click the graphic for a closer look



Nominations by broadcaster type

share of nominations by broadcaster

Nominations by producer type

share of nominations by producer