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Are you a musical genius?

We’re big fans here at Earshot of being able to help talent get on its way with more work and jobs – and now AudioSweets is crowdsourcing hot musical talent. See this fantastic opportunity for any composers who’re looking to expand their wings and get more gigs under their belt to work with the team at Audiosweets.

Do you have a casio keyboard or like the sound of “ice cream van” samples?

Do you like creating weird and odd atmospheres?

Does your final mix sound like it’s been mixed underwater?

If so….please stop reading….it’s not that we don’t like you….we just need something more

We are looking for a team of freelance creative composers to join the audiosweets crew. We are a cool bunch of folk who produce sweet imaging, music and beds for radio and TV.

See the thing is we have all sorts of projects that you could be spot on for, but we need to hear a sample of what you are good at. Might be “Guetta” sounding dance, “Dr Luke” sounding pop, “Guy Garvey” string arrangements, maybe you are good at sound matching…. blah blah blah.

You get our drift….we need some new talent.

So, don’t be shy, drop us an email with a link to dropbox or something else simple we can use with a little description of who you!

Oh and a picture of yourself! (only joking….unless your hot, then please…send pics)

Do it now!

Good luck and remember do share your work with us!