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Do you get songs stuck in your head?


There’s nothing worse is there than getting a song stuck in your head. Maybe you’re working on a piece of production or producing an ad and your time in the studio means that you’re hearing a song over and over again.

There’s something about working in radio that makes it very easy to get a song stuck in your head – especially in commercial radio!

An MA student at University of Westminster (ok, my sister…) is doing some research into getting songs stuck in your head – or earworms as they’re more commonly known – or involuntary musical imagery if you want to get technical.

Sophie is looking to investigate involuntary musical imagery and aims to examine ways in which INMI can be reduced or eliminated and she’s particularly interested in hearing from those that work in the music, audio, radio and creative industries.

If you’d like to take part in the survey and share your views on the subject- please contact for further information.

The study has been approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee of the University of Westminster and complies with ethical guidelines set by the British Psychological Society.

Image Credit: Bart