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Earshot podcast: 2013 Sony winners

James Stodd, Richard Culver and Chris Reay

James Stodd, Richard Culver and Chris Reay

Meet this year’s Sony Radio Academy promotion and imaging winners.

James Stodd from the South Coast’s Jack FM and The Breeze, Richard Culver from BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 2‘s Chris Reay play the audio that gained them and their teams recognition this year in the UK’s  leading radio awards.

In conversation with ambassador of radio Steve Martin they also explain the creative processes behind their audio, the challenges that make their work so enjoyable and they reveal where they find some of their creative inspiration.

If you’re looking to learn from the industry’s brightest, there’s nowhere better to start than with James, Richard and Chris.

Play here

[audio:|titles=”James Stodd Richard Culver and Chris Reay – all within Earshot”]

Download the mp3 (47’04”, 160kb/s stereo mp3, 54.6MB)

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