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The Co-op uses radio tactically for baby George

The Co-operative is running tactical radio ads across the commercial radio industry to celebrate the birth of the royal baby.

With every other media brand under the ‘son’ (boom ’tish) getting involved in baby related madness it only seems fair that radio gets it turn and the Co-Op and Newslink were there for the takings.

The ads run solus next to the news break on the hour in the mornings via a product called Newslink, owned by Independent Radio News (IRN), and sold by Global Radio. The Newslink team approached the Co-Op and its media agencies PHD and Rocket with the idea that Co-Op supply copy in advance, ready to go on air as soon as possible after the birth of the royal baby.

Copy was created in advance and distributed by Mood Media to the 290 stations that run Newslink, which include all Global, Bauer, RSL and Absolute stations, allowing brands such as the Co-Op to buy national campaigns across all major commercial radio networks such as Heart, Capital and Magic.

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Staff at Global, Bauer and RSL went back into their offices on Monday evening when news of the birth broke in order to get the Co-Op spots on air by 6am the following morning with the first news bulletin of the day.

Over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday the Co-Op Foods copy was be heard by more than 14 million people across the UK, in a solus environment right next to news reports talking about the birth of the royal baby.

UKRD has also got involved in baby madness by renaming Star Radio  and Eagle Radio creating the the quilt for Kate across Guildford.