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6 great resources for learning about Radio

Looking to make your first steps into radio? Need some killer advice? Check out these five great hand picked resources for all you need to know.

1. BBC Academy –

BBC academy

The beeb has got hundreds of fantastic articles and podcasts covering all elements of broadcast from journalism and production to technology and events. There’s some really good articles in the production and marketing sides of the industry including how to make phone in radio workhow to make radio features and what it takes to do station imaging. Do check it out, some fantastic resources.


2. YouTube – 


Yes, it sounds silly – but YouTube is a treasure check of amazing video guides and resources for getting into radio production – from how to use pro tools or the latest Adobe Audtion. Or how about Z100’s Dave Foxx’s guide to branding or 5 tips to writing a radio ad.



3. RadioILOVEIT – 


This site from a Netherlands radio enthusiast, Thomas Giger includes a large collection of articles, blogs and resources that are useful to learn more about the medium. Highlighted articles worth a look include Ian Walker from Jack FM talking about radio formats, Edwin Evers from 538fm in Holland talking about morning radio and Matt Fisher from Radio 1 revealing the secrets of the stations’ imaging.


4. Next Radio – 

Screenshot 2013-11-10 22.08.37

Next Radio is an industry conference held in London each year designed to “find great creative ideas for radio”. There’s a selection of the talks available online after the event – again, another fantastic online resource. Highlights include Clare Bowen from the RAB talking about unusual and striking radio commercials and trails, Francis Currie talking about radio techniques which always “work” and Earshot Creative’s very own Steve Martin looking at five creative perils. Get your tickets for the 2014 conference day if you want to learn more!


5. Corey Layton on Twitter –

8a3cffb87fb05389d4ba2e49f690308aCorey is currently the Response and Activation Director at Southern Cross Austero in Australia. Before that he had other off air and on air roles in the Oz based radio group as well as Global Radio in the UK as well as ARN and DMG in Australia too. Follow Corey on Twitter as he regularly posts great radio, advertising, social media and production ideas and case studies from around the world. Recent postings include this case study in fashion and brands,visualising social media  and much more.

6. Earshot Creative

earshot creative square logo - white backgroundAnd lastly … Earshot Creative! We had to big ourselves up of course, no? There’s a large variety of great resources and case studies here on Earshot Creative in promotionimagingcreativity and multi platform.



Please do share your own resources and we’ll add them to the blog. Send in your suggestions via

Jonathan Jacob is a Solutions Manager at Global Radio with varied experience across commercial radio S&P, events, marketing and PR. He was listed in the inaugural Radio Academy 30 under 30, is a Student Radio Awards judge and sits on the Events Committee for The Radio Academy. Views are personal.