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Bam Bam’s stellar theme song

Surfing the universe: Bam Bam

This week we learned that the JACK fm brand is expanding again. But this is no homogeneous rollout: all JACKs are different, they just share a consistency of idea and attitude.

It’s an approach which allows for distinctive local content and a tailored music policy for each area, backed-up by a professionally-managed brand architecture. Indeed, I’d argue that a JACK fm station enjoys greater creative freedoms because it’s built on an deep idea, not a mechanical clock format.

Which brings us to England’s South Coast – the coast of dreams.

With more than a quarter of a million weekly listeners and around one and a half million listener hours per week the South Coast’s JACK is the UK’s biggest: big enough to attract a talent like Bam Bam. 

Bam Bam at Breakfast has grown with the station since launch and now it’s big enough to get its own theme song.

Production is by Nik Goodman and Dan McGrath at Bounce – the people behind the London Fireworks music and recent Wonga radio ads – and the piece was commissioned by James Stodd at Celedor to reflect JACK’s attitude and music.

Essentially, we wanted it to sound like an 80 kids cartoon TV theme – a cross between Battle of the Planets, He Man, Jamie and The Magic Torch and similar shows.

The song is a lot of fun and overflows with the kind of tounge-in-cheek self-aggrandisement we haven’t heard since the days of Chris Moyles.

It’s also really well produced. Hear that great lead guitar work that fits the station’s rock-leaning playlist and the radio-friendly mix with vocals that sit cleanly above the track so you can hear every word, even on a small speaker. That mix also means Bam Bam won’t have to aggressively dip the track if he wants to add some speech bits.

Go on, play it again and this time you can sing along:


He’s the man of the morning
As the day is dawning
Other shows bow down to his might

His delivery’s faultless
And always well rehearsed
With music from all corners of the universe

Bam Bam
Bam Bam
Breakfast time on Jack FM
Sent to us from the planet they call radio

Bam Bam
Bam Bam
Hyperspace on Jack FM
His mission: to host the earth’s most perfect breakfast show

The intergallactic space travelling, crying competitors video

Yes, we wondered about that too, especially as Celedor is famous for its television production. James Stodd tells us he made it himself on an online cartoon creation site!

You can read more about James’s work and why he enjoys the creative freedoms afforded by his position at JACK fm on his personal blog.


  1. This is not exactly ‘my kind of jingle’ but I do like its individual style, clear lyric (so much better than these cliched gospel breakfast jingles) and after 2 plays it was getting MEMORABLE.

    The good thing is that jingles are clearly still a major thing on JACK FM’s stations and that they are not the same on all of them – it was made for one station: “this is no homogeneous rollout: all JACKs are different, they just share a consistency of idea and attitude”

    Heart, Smooth and the others would be well advised to follow this doctrine before they ruin even more of what was local UK radio.

  2. You quoted from the the post to back up your point. You must be right. 😉


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