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Radio for a city full of hope

An eye-catching tv spot for Cape Town’s publicly-owned local radio station Good Hope FM.

The key message is about hope and that Cape Town is particularly brimming with it. I don’t know how true that is for everybody there but the local agency Egg Films identified the audience insight that “Capetonians live in one of South Africa’s greatest cities and, boy, do they know it”.

So there’s a heavy dose of “love of life round here” and a parallel reading of the spot might suggest the dangers of straying up or down the dial to other radio stations.

Good Hope FM logo
Not everybody in Cape Town looks like this young crowd but there are enough beautiful people there to make the casting believable and South Africa is a great place to film. The light can be lovely, the weather’s predictable and there’s a bold advertising sector based in Cape Town with all the production expertise needed to back it up.

Indeed, many European spots get filmed in SA because of this lucky combination of virtues and, currently, low costs thanks to a very favourable exchange rate.

You still need a reason to visit? How’s this then…

Table Mountain, Cape Town