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Sydney’s new breakfast war

You only get once chance to launch a breakfast show. For 2Day FM in Sydney, Australia this is it:


Meanwhile, over at the new KIIS 1065, this is happening:

The two spots have different objectives.

2DayFM’s job is simply to cast the characters of its new breakfast line-up. The spot does this well although it takes a couple of viewings to really get the stories they’re telling because the visuals are so busy. Let’s hope it’s on air a lot. Listen carefully to the copy “Jules, Merrick and Sophie… with Mel B”. Mel sounds like more of an accessory than a permanent fixture. Great audio production for a tv spot. Your work, David Konsky?

Meanwhile Kiis 1065 has a whole new station proposition to establish, albeit with known personalities. This spot is all about branding the new station as a fashion leader. Look at those paparazzi catwalk graphics. However, Kyle looks older than he sounds and the sight of his portly, middle aged frame pacing to the music of Neon Jungle is a comic and slightly awkward juxtaposition. No doubt about the station brand colour though – we get it – it’s neon pink.

Verdict: ok, it’s hard to judge the whole market dynamic from the other side of the world but on the strength of the spots I’d say round one goes to 2DayFM. It’s about human beings and it’s not asking you to change.

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