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Earshot podcast: Nathan Freeman and James Espley

Nathan and James

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Earshot podcast: Nathan Freeman and James Espley

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Show notes

In this edition of our production podcast we welcome Nathan Freeman of BBC Radio 6 Music and winner of the 2013 Creative prize in the Radio Production Awards and James Espley of new national rock station TeamRock Radio. Both are nominated in this year’s Radio Academy Awards with their respective teams and, as you’ll hear, producing some great work for their different styles of music radio.

As well as playing some of their recent trails and imaging elements, Nathan and James explain how they come up with the ideas that convey their promotional messages and share great production tips that we can all learn from. They also look to Australian radio and cinema for their creative inspiration.

If you’d like to get in touch or share your production just email us. We love to play audio from around the world – any station – any format, especially if it has an interesting story behind it. Right now we’re collecting your secret tips for better and more efficient production. What little production secrets do you rely on every day?


Here’s the movie trailer Nathan references in the podcast


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