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Premier Christian Radio gets a new look

Premier Christian Radio logo

Here’s one media group, built on radio, that’s taken a serious look at its visual identity.

Premier Media Group says it is “Britain’s largest Christian media organisation” and has just completed a re-branding exercise across its broadcasting and publishing interests.

Over the years the group has expanded its broadcasting activity to include Premier Gospel alongside the DAB station Premier Christian Radio and now publishes magazines including Premier Christianity, Premier Youthwork, and Premier Childrenswork.

CEO Peter Kerridge explained why the unified visual language was important to his group:

Each of our broadcasting and publishing titles now has a new logo and a shared ‘Premier’ pre-fix so that we have created a new Premier family with a distinctive look and imagery. We believe that the new look will support and assist our future plans to successfully promote the Christian message and Christian values on a nationwide basis.

Premier Media Group family of logos

Earshot says

This is a good example of a collection of media businesses using consistent visual design to help build awareness and loyalty across the group. The design work is clean and practical with bold lettering that conveys the identity of each business and its membership of the Premier family at a glance.