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Radio contestants in an electric chair

Two DJs at Maylasian music station Hitz FM have added a shocking new element to their celebrity quiz. The contestants sit in an electric chair and receive a voltage through their bodies every time they answer a question incorrectly.

DJs Ean and Jinnyboy set the questions and the charge is sufficient to genuinely shock the contestants but not cause them clinical harm.

Malaysian singer David Choi was extremely nervous when he took the challenge, admitting that his palms were very sweaty. At least sweat helps conductivity and the video captures the moment of surprise.

David Choi - shocked

Earshot says

The idea is talkable and shareable, especially once captured on YouTube. It makes better radio than the video might suggest because the guys add sfx and music to amplify the tension. You really want to hear the spark when the contestant is zapped.

Now let’s take this idea into talk radio and give some politicians a deserving jolt… anyone like to commission Current Affairs or The Seat Of Power?