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Açık Radyo’s artful advertising

If you’re a regular reader of my posts on Earshot you’ll know I’ve been looking at radio station outdoor advertising recently. Thank you if you’ve sent me some good examples and, please, keep them coming.

Here’s once such piece, spotted by Sharon H Green.

Açık Radyo - Music of the people

Açık Radyo – Music of the people – click to enlarge.

New York photographer Harold Feinstein created this montage in 1950 from his photographs of people on the Coney Island boardwalk.

It’s neither of the time or the place inhabited by Açık Radyo and its listeners but is a beautiful reflection of the station’s aims and has recently won a Cannes Lion award as an ad for the station.

Here’s some background. After a period of violent protest in Turkey, Açık Radyo wanted to voice the hopeful and the positive. The station saw that many people were brought together by the protests and lived in harmony.

Advertising agency Havas Worldwide recognised that Feinstein’s work, a musical score made from the figures of people, told this story well and the photographer agreed:

I took a look at the radio station’s mission statement, waived all licensing fees and immediately said yes. It’s motto is “open to all the sounds of the universe.”

A reminder that the best ideas need no dressing up. You can read more detail about this project on Harold Feinstein’s blog.


  1. As one photographer said, they can buy my camera but, they can’t buy my eye. Great creative re-purposed. And, carefully selected words: “Of” not “From”, not “For”. _____of the people. Those words have special meaning.

  2. Exactly right Joe – remember when your dinner party host says “I love your photos, you must have a great camera” always reply with “I love this meal – you must have a great saucepan”.