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A radio ad you can DJ

Red Bull Campus Clash

The Red Bull Campus Clash is an amateur DJ competition in South Africa that gives upcoming student DJ’s the chance to win a the opportunity to record their DJ set at the world famous Red Bull studios.  Red Bull wanted to create excitement around the event and most importantly get students to sign up.

How did they get students excited and involved in a DJ competition when some of them have never tried nor have access to equipment? Well, the team at Machine (creative agency in South Africa) realised that most students have access to a radio (or listen to college radio) – so they made a radio ad which you can DJ!

Using the speaker balance control on the radio (or laptop) – students were able move the sound from the left speaker to the right speaker – just like the crossfade function on a DJ mixer!


Try it out for yourself …


The Results

The creative agency say that results rose by 240% year on year after running the interactive spot creative and countless future DJ’s were born!


Earshot says

Obviously it’s just a gimmick, but it will definitely grab your attention. This spot uses some great functionalities of radio advertising such as the ability to contextually target the audience by broadcasting on college radio plus allowed the listener to engage with the medium in an unusual and interactive way allowing them to be part of the experience to drive education into the art of being a DJ. It’s simple, to the point and effective.


Jonathan Jacob is currently Content Solutions Manager at Global Radio with varied experience across commercial radio S&P, events, marketing and PR. He was listed in the inaugural Radio Academy 30 under 30, is a Student Radio Awards judging co-ordinator and sits on the Events Committee for The Radio Academy. Views are personal.