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Earshot podcast: Mark Goodier, Anthony Gay, Tony Blackburn, Colin Kelly and many many more

Tony Blackburn and Steve Martin

Tony Blackburn and Steve Martin

I love it when we do a magazine format edition of the podcast. Not just for the stories and the people but also because I get to do a high-energy menu sequence at the top!

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Earshot podcast: Imaging special

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Show notes

Two of the world’s leading station imaging production companies pitch their demos head-to-head. Wise Buddah’s Mark Goodier and Anthony Gay from Reelworld Europe explain how their organisations are tracking the changing needs of radio stations across the world.

Paul Plant introduces No Sheet Music – a new production library designed to lift the production standards of radio and more.

Tony Blackburn shares his enthusiasm for the radio jingles that help give his programmes such popular appeal. PAMS are his favourite.

Anthony Timmers invites you to attend the first Imaging Days event, taking place in Amsterdam on 8 and 9 September. Apparently Amsterdam has the most imaging per square metre.

Colin Kelly on the BBC’s Commonwealth Voices – a pop-up station that explored the story of Glasgow and other Commonwealth cities during the Commonwealth Games.

…and a few other cheap thrills for anoraks.

The Reelworld Europe team

The Reelworld Europe team

If you’d like to get in touch or share your production just email us. We love to play audio from around the world – any station – any format, especially if it has an interesting story behind it.


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