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The Imaging Days are coming

Roll out those crazy, lazy, hazy days of imaging. The days of soda and jingles and beer. (Ancient cultural reference point there).

The imaging days 2014 banner

For two days in September, Europe’s imaging people converge on Amsterdam for the first ever Imaging Days event.

The scheduling is clumsy, clashing as it does with London’s brilliant and established Next Radio but it’s the first such Imaging Days event and I am confident the organisers won’t make that mistake again.

I asked organiser Anthony Timmers a few questions about what he has planned:

Anthony Timmers

Anthony Timmers

What do you hope a dedicated imaging event can achieve for delegates?

Well, the most important thing is gathering all imaging directors and producers who take their jobs really seriously. Never before has an event like this for imaging dudes and girls been organised.

I was already working with this thing in my head for a few years but we never had the time to organise it because it takes a lot of time. Together with our event manager we’ve been pretty busy this last month but we’re really happy and looking forward to September.

What do you feel are the main issues concerning radio imaging at the moment?

I wouldn’t speak about “issues” like “big issues” but the thing is today it’s really easy to get ProTools on your computer and I hear that a lot of promos on the radio which are really full of effects. Sometimes it sounds like “we had some space left here  so let’s put in some effects”. Well, for me, and I’ve been working in radio for almost twenty years now,  there’s always a thought behind every effect.

I think a lot of people don’t know exactly what they’re doing in ProTools with let’s say a filter or a flanger or whatever. So during the event the producers will explain why they did it, how they did it and some technical issues will be discussed of course.

And another thing – the copy of the promos. I hear so many promos on the radio where even I cannot tell what the promo was trying to tell me or didn’t grab my attention as a listener. That’s probably a combination of copy and all the freaking of the producers but of course the message always has to stay clear.

One of the sessions at the Imaging Days will teach you about copy and bringing the message to your listener and how to do it.

Where does imaging stop and content start? Isn’t content and promotion all the same thing now?

Well, personally I think imaging is really important for getting you in the mood for something that’s going to be on air. Let’s say your station is giving away some trips to New York. In imaging you can do so many things with audio like use an aeroplane or try to get attention to your promo by say, using a steward instead of your voiceover, or use the sound of a bite into an apple… whatever! During a talk by a DJ you can’t do those things.

So I would say imaging, content and marketing complement each other.

Why Amsterdam?

Well Holland is probably the country with the most imaging per square metre. We’ve got so many production companies, great imaging on the radio so to celebrate all that we chose Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. Let’s call it the capital of imaging.

If people would like to attend, how can they get tickets?

Well that’s an easy one – just check out or our Facebook page. Tickets cost EUR 275 (that’s about £220).


Imaging Days speakers

Imaging Days speakers