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The most effective ads of 2014 so far

The RAB has a vital role in encouraging more effective radio advertising and has just announced what are the best performing ads of 2014 so far.

If you feel these spots don’t align with traditional expectations of what we consider to be “creative” that’s fair enough, but as Brian from would be quick to point out, it’s missing the point.

These rankings are not defined by the whimsy of bespectacled wonks from the ad industry but are the objective unvarnished results from RadioGauge.

This is about effectiveness, not art, and that’s why Homebase wins – it scores well with listeners on the RadioGauge measures of involvement, identity, impression, information and integration.

But if you’re looking for varnish, I understand they’re doing a deal right now.

Best of all, it means we’ll never have to hear this again. Ever.