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Mistaken identity for Free Radio’s hamster

You had one job, Telford Journal…

Yes, the Telford Journal inexplicably confused a hamster that looks like a hamster and actually is called HumFree the hamster with an alleged squirrel that has no name and wasn’t even there.

Free Radio presenters Cat (not a real cat) and Nelly were photographed with HumFree at the Weston Park fireworks event in Shropshire where Free Radio led the live entertainment.

Free Radio’s furry mascot is, to paraphrase Jasper Carrot, ‘world famous in the Midlands’ and when the Telford Journal suffered species confusion he naturally (because this is all about nature) took umbrage*:

HumFree's official letter to the press.

HumFree’s official letter to the press.

*Umbrage is near Ambridge and is also in Free’s TSA.