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Earshot hits of 2014


It’s about this time of year I like to scrabble around for my Analytics password and see what you’ve been reading on the site. So here’s what Dr Google says has tickled your fancy, in tantalising reverse order:

10. The Imaging Days – live blog day one.

Palframan - like Superman but with faster loop editing.

Palframan – like Superman but with faster loop editing.

In September we experimented with live blogs from a couple of radio events. I attended The Imaging Days in Amsterdam and did my best to convey the key moments and points of learning from the event in a couple of posts.

9. BBC Radio 2 changes its tune.

The new musical logo. Now rush to your piano and play it.

The new musical logo. Now rush to your piano and play it.

Still drawing referral traffic more than a year after the change of Radio 2’s musical logo in its jingles, this article answers the why and how of the matter and shows the musical notation of Wise Buddah’s logo so you can play along at home.

8. The Imaging Days – live blog day two.

Chris Nicoll and his big ProTools screen

Global Radio’s Chris Nicoll and the biggest ProTools screen in Europe.

Just like number 10, but one day more recent.

7. Next Radio live blog.

Next Radio logo 300 transparent

Meanwhile, Jonathan Jacob was at Next Radio doing some more live blogging and, it would seem, slightly more successfully than me given the higher ranking of his article in our year-end chart. JJ used Storify for this. It’s good to see that plays nicely with Analytics.

6. Take Responsibility for Sound Quality.

NPR’s challenging levels issue

A hectoring piece from yours truly, probably grumpy one morning in August because of some duff audio on the radio. My point is that nobody knows about achieving consistent sound better than radio production people, so take responsibility for making your station sound brilliant for your listeners. It’s likely that nobody else will.

5. LBC’s national launch with a new jingle package.

Bombastic news music is back thanks to LBC and David Arnold. See this video of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in session.

4. Smooth Radio, now with tv stardust.

Smooth Radio

Ahead of Smooth Radio’s relaunch, I looked the station’s new talent signings and considered what they might suggest about the repositioning of the station.

3. New sound & imaging for Bauer’s Place portfolio.

A showcase of the refreshed identity of Bauer’s network stations and the introduction of a consistent sonic motif from Wise Buddah. More recently it’s been interesting to hear how the musical idea extends into the Place 2 stations too.

2. EastEnders uses radio for its biggest-ever storyline.

EastEnders poster

Jonathan reviews the radio campaign to promote the Lucy Beale whodunnit that gripped the nation’s soap fans in April. Debbie Dillon and Neil Cowling made the spots as part of a wider cross-platform campaign.

1. Capital FM gets local for the Selfie Song.

A superb example of meme-surfing from Capital FM. See how the Selfie Song by the Chainsmokers inspired local content from each breakfast show around the UK on the Capital FM network. Lots of audio on this and Jonathan’s enthusiastic write-up helped it to number one in our most read articles of the year chart.

Looking ahead


In the year ahead we’re keen to continue to reflect your interests in radio promotion, marketing and imaging so do let Jonathan or me know of any particular aspects of the business you’d like us to explore in our characteristically positive way. We appreciate the gift of feedback so thank you for letting us know that what we do here is useful and interesting to you.

Some of you have said that you would like to see more posts on technique and, without adding to the huge number of step-by-step technical demos on the web, creative and audio production technique is certainly something we can amplify through the podcast. I plan to make more editions of that in 2015.

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Thank you for being within Earshot in the last year and also to our advertisers who allow us to keep the site running, attend events and buy a round of drinks for our podcast contributors.

My personal best wishes for you in 2015.

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