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iHeart Radio’s open pitch for imaging and production



Creatives from around the world have been given the chance to produce and create promotional content for US powerhouse radio brand – iHeartRadio, through a partnership with online served Talenthouse. Talenthouse is a crowd sourcing website for brands to receive creative content from its online community of artists, producers and creatives – through a community voting competition mechanic.

What is TalentHouse?

Talenthouse has hosted briefs for many recognised brands all over the world including Prince Charles Cinema, Universal, HP, Coca Cola, Blackberry, Spotify and more as well as invites for creatives to support artwork, movies and content for artists and celebrities for a plethora of artists including One Direction, Stephen Fry, Black Sabbath and Paloma Faith!

So what is up for grabs?

Right now – users can pitch for three jobs from iHeartRadio such as creation of a sonic logo, promotional video and brand identity.

3 iHeartRadio jobs

3 iHeartRadio jobs

In return of getting exposure of their being seen across the world – the winning producers and digital creatives will also walk away with a one off fee of $3,000 – 5,000 as well as something pretty cool in their portfolio. But, for something which so many of our professional Earshot readers do day in and out – is this the right thing to do?

Earshot says ….

There’s no denying that its a fantastic opportunity for up and coming content producers to generate something that gives them a huge exposure. However, there’s some part of me that thinks this really does affect those working in this industry who spend day in and out generating content for their stations, always thinking of something new and being at the top of their game.

Working alongside station content and imaging producers in radio stations’ there is so much existing knowledge and understanding around brands, output, audience .etc that goes into what is produced/created/developed.

Could the industry move to a format where freelancers dictate the creative output of stations? Can a ‘brand’ be built with different people who come in and out of the creative output of the station.

I do also see the benefit for iHeartRadio to have a community of creatives and artists being involved in the promotion of their platforms. Creating buzz and chat around their products as well as generating a high amount of creative content from artists around the world (all who have given up their copyright as part of entering the competition!)


We’d love to hear from iHeartRadio (when you’ve recovered from recent Jingle Ball events, of course!)  or TalentHouse about working together to find future talent? I’m sure there’s a strategical decision behind the partnership, would love to know more. Get in touch –

Jonathan Jacob is currently Content Solutions Manager at Global Radio with varied experience across commercial radio S&P, events, marketing and PR. He was listed in the inaugural Radio Academy 30 under 30, is a Student Radio Awards judge and sits on the Events Committee for The Radio Academy. Views are personal.


  1. Looks like a nice opportunity. You can win $ 3000. And they say “Additionally, the selected artist may have their audio track featured in future advertising for iHeartRadio”


    But when you look at the rules…:

    7. Grant of Rights. By entering the Contest, entrants irrevocably grant the Promoter and Sponsor, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, designees, clients, sponsors, licensees, and advertising and promotional agencies, an unlimited, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, unconditional license and absolute right to edit, post, publish, store, copy, transmit, publicly display, and exhibit, the Work (in whole or in part) in connection with the Contest and/or the promotion of the Contest. Upon the Promoter’s and/or Sponsor’s request, winners agree to sign any and all legal forms deemed necessary to license or assign all right, title and interest in and to the Work, including without limitation, all copyrights associated therewith, in exchange for the Prizes set
    forth above.

    Not so cool – I think.

  2. Seems reasonable enough… it’s a non-exclusive licence to do stuff with the entry and then a possiblebuyout of the winning work in return for the cash prize. It’s missing a territory clause though – one UK radio group had the brilliant phrase “throughout the known and unknown universe” in its rights terms.