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The Hits Radio wins Christmas

Ok, I’m calling this early but you have to love this short film from Bauer’s The Hits starring Darryl Morris (did I tell you I gave him his first break?), Marty the penguin and a celebrity guest who’s totally up for it.

Three points here:

1. It seems Darryl can act.

2. Budget doesn’t matter – this is low-end but well written and storyboarded. Just enough production to stop it being naff.

3. The end line perfectly supports the story and acts as a meaningful call to action.

Has any radio station beaten this for charm, immersion and relevance so far this year?

Marty the Penguin

Marty the Penguin

p.s. I’d better mention Tulisa for SEO purposes. Tulisa, penguin, Tulisa, Darryl Morris and Tulisa. There.