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As if life in radio advertising wasn’t sufficiently enjoyable¬†already, our friends at the RAB and marketing publication The Drum are teaming up to launch a radio edition of the popular creative contest Tight Briefs.

Starting on Monday (12 January) they’ll be challenging our industry to come up with quick-fire radio ads in response to hypothetical topical briefs set each week.

The weekly winners will not only bask in the acclaim of their peers, but could also pick up prizes, and thanks to the RAB’s newly launched Aerials EarApp it couldn’t be easier to take part.

As we reported in Earshot Creative a few weeks ago, the free Aerials EarApp simplifies the process of producing radio demos, easing the pain of getting scripts on air.

Clare Bowen, head of creative development at RAB, said:

Agencies often identify presenting radio scripts as a challenge. We hope that the Aerials EarApp will provide a fun way for creatives to play with radio ideas and even demo them for pitches or presentations.

The Aerials EarApp is a fun way for teams to explore and share rough audio advertising ideas and we hope this competition will encourage experimentation with the medium.”

The first brief will be revealed on Monday on The Drum website where you can also find full details of the competition.

Update: the first challenge is out. Can you create a campaign to advertise driverless cars?

Adapted from an article which first appeared on The Drum