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Heart’s Uptown Dinosaur roams the North West

Yes, Uptown Funk from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars sounds rather like the 80s classic Walk The Dinosaur. Good spot.

The Tyrannosaurus Mix was produced by “Nigel from IT” (actually Capital’s production head Chris Nicoll) and received a great response¬†from Heart North West listeners. Heart’s breakfast producer Jordan Hemingway explains what happened next:

Joel and Lorna played the song on air on Heart Breakfast and it got such a good reaction that we decided to make a video!

We filmed our own footage and then edited this together with the original Uptown Funk video.”

Heart’s a relative newcomer to the North West so this video helps to establish the station musically, shows it’s a fun and family-friendly choice and introduces a couple of its characters, Joel and Lorna from Heart Breakfast.

The dino shots were filmed at Gullivers World in Warrington for true local flavour. Bruno Mars’ location just looks about 25 degrees warmer.