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The radio ad you can see from Durex

Durex image

Condom brand Durex is to launch its first-ever radio ad today. Listeners will be able to watch the ad at the same time through a downloadable app.

To coincide with its new UK ecommerce site, the brand has launched the Durex Explore app, and will be encouraging users to hold up their devices to their radios with the app open as the ad airs in order to view it.

Those who download the app will be able to watch a video that is synched with the airing of the radio ad, called “behind closed doors”, which will feature couples using Durex’s new range of sex toys.

The app works by using a mobile or tablet device’s microphone to detect the part of the radio spot that is playing. It synchronises the visuals to screen the same point in the ad.

Durex said: “Radio ad cues to visuals down to the second, creating the world’s first radio ad that you can see.”

The viewable radio ad, created by Havas Worldwide London, will air on Absolute and Planet Rock stations today (Friday 13 February), during the afternoon.