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Lucozade syncs outdoor and radio ads


Sometimes it takes just a little idea in someone’s mind to help start something exciting.

Often in the world of national media advertising and planning – the media mix is seen as a very separate thing. Each element (like radio, TV, outdoor, cinema, digital .etc) is often thought of in individual chunks – and often there’s a lack of 360′ thinking. Often, the thought of each element working together isn’t part of the media mix and more often than not – in my experience – radio is always the ‘add on’ ….“the TV ad was cheaper to make this time, lets put edit the audio from the ad for radio”. 

One of the main issues is that, the media buying agency has little direct exposure to the creative product or, more importantly, the people who deliver the ideas. It’s likely that the person planning the media mix has never ever been close enough to the creative work in a creative agency to know how to make the creative work for them.

However – things could be changing with a neat bit of advertising activity this Summer for Lucozade Energy.

What has Lucozade done?

What is being billed as a “UK media first” – the guys at Primesight (Outdoor billboard media owner), GTN (Sales house of the ad spot before commercial radio traffic and travel) and MediaCom (media agency)  are launching a national real-time campaign for Lucozade Energy, which will see digital outdoor ads synchronised with radio spots.

Between 17 and 26 June, out-of-home advertising will appear across Primesight’s new digital 48-sheet network in tandem with GTN radio spots, meaning that drivers will see and hear Lucozade Energy’s ‘Find Your Flow’ messaging while travelling.
Radio ads will also broadcast solus and adjacent to GTN’s traffic and travel bulletins on all major radio groups and stations including Global, Bauer, Absolute Radio and talkSPORT.

Why it works….

Pretty neat, eh. So when you hear the spot around Traffic and Travel content – look across from when you’re driving and if you see a digital 48 sheet (in the Primesight network) and it should link together in tandem.

Smart, effective and modal media planning using the true emotional effectiveness of radio around Traffic and Travel bulletins coupled with additional scale and reach of digital out of home.

Thanks to Mike Christian at Global Creative for sending us the audio:

Working in partnerships with other channels makes radio buying more sexy. This can only be good for all of commercial radio. Primesight go on to say:

“This campaign shows what out-of-home is capable of when it comes to real time marketing opportunities and partnerships with other media channels,” said Nigel Fung, group business director at Primesight.

I wonder…

…whether this has anything to do with the recent promotion of Andy Goldsmith at Primesight who spent many years as a Business Director in the radio industry.

Jonathan Jacob is Solutions Manager at Global Media and Entertainment with varied experience across commercial radio S&P, events, marketing and PR. He was listed in the inaugural Radio Academy 30 under 30, is a Student Radio Honoury Member and Awards judge and sat on the Events Committee for The Radio Academy. Views are personal.